About Porsha Renae hall

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Porsha Renae Hall is a proud Kent State University Fashion Merchandising Graduate, Fashion Creator,  Professional Model, and Entrepreneur.


Porsha is currently Miss Eco Midwest 2022 and will go to compete for the title of Miss Eco USA summer 2022 in Chicago.

While in college, Porsha's love for natural hair styling grew into a passion that genuinely helped build her self love. She then discovered she could use her talents to make other Queen's feel beautiful and confident the way she does.

Coming from a long line of hairstylist and beauticians she was destined to stumbled upon her hidden talent. She took a leap of faith and opened my business officially in 2018. With 10 years of self taught experience she is always looking for ways to improve her passion to better service her clients. She guarantees you will leave perfectly crowned with a 

smile on your face!